ADA Connie Rubirosa (ada_rubirosa) wrote in lawandorder_siu,
ADA Connie Rubirosa

District Attorneys Who What, Now? [group RP]

(Prosecute the offenders, get drunk and gossip, whichever! If you're an ADA, feel free to JOIN IN THE LAWYER BAR FUN TIMES!)

After a long day at work, Connie headed to the bar not far from Foley Square where she was supposed to be meeting Jeff Bennett and a few other ADAs. She'd promised to introduce Jeff to some people. At the least, she knew Brian Peluso and Casey Novak would show up (hopefully). Once Connie stepped into the bar, she grabbed a booth not too far from the entrance. When the waitress came by, she ordered a pitcher of beer for the table. While she waited for the others to arrive, Connie looked over some paperwork.
Tags: group rp, lawyers
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