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Witness for the prosecution [RP thread for Eames & Nichols]

OOC: Most of this is a summary of events up to a point from "For the Defense" - I did this so anyone not involved in the RP thread can follow what's been going on.

The long week was beginning to take its toll on Connie. In the car on the way to meeting the DA's key witness for trial prep, she took several deep breaths, reminding herself to stay calm, distracting herself with thoughts of vacations and baby showers.

The trial would take place and it would end. They would do the best they could and they would move on. It's what they always did. This was no different. Except that the stakes were a lot higher than normal and it was bound to be one of those times where things got dirty. It had already started.

A witness for the DA's office was dead - shot to death in front of the hotel where the woman was staying under police protection, by an unidentified man in a blue Audi.

Originally, the girl, Maggie Hayes, was thought to have been killed by her ex-boyfriend, who she was supposed to be testifying against. After some searching, however, detectives linked the blue Audi to Maggie's boss, an auto exporter with some shady business ties named Rainey. They got the information on Rainey from another of his employees -- Maggie's co-worker and friend, Paige Regan -- who knew about Maggie's protective custody deal.

Initially, Paige Regan had been afraid to talk to the cops about Rainey. To get her to talk, they arrested her on obstruction and co-conspiracy charges. Right when she was about to tell them what was going on, a lawyer showed up, claiming to be Paige's counsel.

Only Paige never requested counsel and the man was Marcus Woll. He was there, he said, on behalf of a friend of Paige's. She refused to see him and ended up telling the detectives the truth about Rainey -- that she mentioned to him Maggie being in police protection. He told her he needed to see Maggie about work-related issues. Paige set up a meeting between the two, never for a minute thinking anything was wrong with that. Until Maggie ended up dead and the police told her about the killer's getaway car -- Rainey's car.

Rainey was arrested and arraigned. His lawyer? Marcus Woll. Rainey was the so-called 'friend' who sent Woll in a thinly-veiled effort to intimidate Paige into keeping silent. Neither of them were really friends of Paige Regan's -- and she was immediately put into police protection.

Something wasn't sitting right with Connie - or Michael or Jack or the cops, for that matter - about Marcus Woll's involvement. He'd always been determined to win - even back when he was an ADA - and he'd definitely been smug - but there was something about him that changed. Connie couldn't pinpoint it, but it nagged at her. Even after the last case they'd tried against a client of his, she'd written him off as a cocky bastard who was very driven, but not dangerous. she didn't know.

With a sigh, Connie got out of the DA's town car, thanked the driver and headed into the hotel where Paige Regan was being kept. Eames and Nichols would be there, a fact that made her feel a bit better. She went up the elevator, getting off on one of the higher floors, made her way down the hall and knocked on the door of the hotel suite she knew to be Paige's.
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