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Law & Order: Special Issues Unit

A L&O Roleplaying Game

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Intro/Who We Are:

DISCLAIMER: This is a FICTIONAL game, based on the Law & Order television franchise. No copyright infringement is intended. All L&O-verse characters belong to Dick Wolf and NBC Universal. This is just a bunch of fans who are also writers, having fun. All "cases" contained within this community are FICTIONAL. Like the TV show, they may deal with subjects of a violent or graphic nature on occasion. Reader discretion is advised.

Law & Order: Special Issues Unit (SIU) is a Law & Order roleplaying game based on Livejournal and AOL Instant Messenger. We have been in existence, in one form or another, for over two and a half years. In addition (or perhaps in correlation) to being a roleplaying game, at the heart we are a group of writers, collaborating with each other in our various storylines to create one big, overarching story. By nature of being based on the Law & Order televison shows, we seek to follow the show format--those who play detectives solve cases, those who play lawyers are then handed those cases to try.

Meet the Mods:

polkadotsnplaid: I am the Game Master (GM), responsible for the general overseeing/well-being of the community. I coordinate cases and trials with the people running them, and make sure that everything is running smoothly. I also deal with player conflict, applications, and any odds and ends. I can be reached by email at special.mods@gmail.com or judgejamieross on AIM.

neojess: I'm the Storyline moderator. My job is to make sure storylines are running smoothly, and to help iron out snags if people are having issues. If you find you've written your character into a corner or you have writer's block and don't know what you should rp, I'm available to help. I'm here to listen to your predicament and present various options to help you out. Like the other moderators, I also deal with applications. I can be reached at special.mods@gmail.com or detectivelogan on AIM.

mtwendyr I am the Player Representative moderator. My job is to facilitate interaction between moderators and players and to make sure that players' needs are being addressed. I also deal with applications. I can be reached at special.mods@gmail.com or detaeames on AIM.

How It Works:

While we do play our characters in social situations like bars, restaurants, outings, parties, etcetera, our playing is primarily based on casesolving and case-trying. Most situations, like on the show, blossom out of that.

Cases: Any member can write and run a case, provided you comply with the Guidelines to Casewriting/Running, which is currently in the process of being written. Cases are active or open for solving for a period of 30 days/one month (extensions may be granted in certain cases). Detectives are at the scene of the crime for casebreaks, interview witnesses and search for evidence. These activities are conducted on Livejournal threads as well as in group rp chatrooms. All detectives are expected to commit to a certain amount of casework

Trials: Following casesolving, the case is turned over to the ADA in charge of that precinct/unit. The ADA (or ADAs, if there is a second chair) is responsible, along with the defense attorney, for presenting opening and closing arguments, as well as examining key witnesses on the stand. Trials are presided over by judges, to be played by moderators. Trials are open for 17-18 days (approximately two and a half weeks), with a week for the prosecution to present its' case and a week for the defense to do the same, with a couple more days set aside for opening and closing arguments. Like the detectives' work, these activities take place on Livejournal threads as well as in group rp chatrooms. Again, lawyers are expected to commit to a certain amount of trial work.

Rules/Guidelines for Playing:

Conflict between players: If you have a conflict with another player you should first try to work it out with that person, civilly and courteously. If the problem persists, contact the GM and the problem will go to her.

Conflict with other game issues: If you have a problem with something, or you feel uncomfortable about something, PLEASE bring it up. If you're too uncomfortable bringing it up to the community, tell someone, even if it's little and they can bring it to the community or a mod for you.

Godmoding: For a comprehensive definition of godmoding, please see this. Simply put, your character is not invincible. He or she can die and does need time to heal (this does not mean you can kill your character or others). If your character is in a physical fight, make sure to allow for the option of hit or miss. Just because a punch is thrown doesn't mean it makes its target.

Character discussions: Talking, out of character, about characters gives people, and you!, insight into your character. It is a very good, helpful and entertaining thing.

Journals: Everyone is asked to update their journals as regularly as possible. It's good to know what's going on in the lives of other characters and it gives us the chance to interact through the journals. When you update, it helps others to write as well. As a rule, each character journal MUST be updated a minimum of TWICE a month. Activity checks take place on the first of each month.

Timelines/pre-play: Before any RP begins, all players involved MUST establish a timeline. Although we aren't setting down specific rules for it, guidelines for pre-play: The concept of pre-play was originally started, game-wise, to meet the needs of player time constraints. Really, pre-play should be used at a minimum to prevent tangle-ups later.

Repeat Offenses: If a player consistently breaks rules, they will be asked by the moderators to leave the game.

Note: This list is subject to change based on changes or issues that arise within the game. While mods will do their best to inform the community of new rules, it is the player's responsibility to stay current and comply with said rules.


Application thread can be found here.

--There are plenty of canon characters left.
--Also: Non-canon original characters are welcome.
--And: past characters from The Original Series, SVU, MCS, TBJ and Conviction are welcome to be applied for.

If you are not interested in playing, however would like to "watch" the community, you are welcome to request to be added to the community, as most of our posts are locked. Be advised, however, that posting on the journals of active characters is prohibited.

Currently Active Characters:


Capt. Donald Cragen--played as needed by moderators
Det. Olivia Benson det_liviabenson played by nabba
Sgt. John Munch detjohnmunch played by polkadotsnplaid **
Det. Fin Tutuola detective_fin played by specialk711
Det. Val Lanier det_val_lanier (In a Heartbeat) played by makeitstopjamie

Characters needed:
Det. Elliot Stabler
Det. Dani Beck
Det. Monique Jeffries
Dr. Melinda Warner
Dr. George Huang
OCs welcome

Capt. Danny Ross--played as needed by moderators
Det. Bobby Goren--no longer available for applications. NPCed as needed.
Det. Alex Eames detalex_eames played by mtwendyr**
Det. Mike Logan det_mike_logan played by neojess**
Det. Megan Wheeler nypd_wheeler played by polkadotsnplaid
Det. Zach Nichols nichols_zach_ci played by nicalamity

Characters Needed:
Det. Carolyn Barek
Det. Nola Falacci
Det. G. Lynn Bishop

OCs welcome

Lt. Anita Van Buren--played as needed by moderators
Det. Cole Hayes (OC) det_hayes played by cujo8705
Det. Nick Falco det_nickfalco (NPC) played by neojess**
Det. Cyrus Lupo NPCed by neojess**
Det. Kevin Bernard NPCed by makeitstopjamie

Characters needed:

Det. Rey Curtis
Det. Ed Green
Det. Nina Cassady

*Any past Homicide characters, or OCs welcome to be applied for*

Manhattan District Attorney's Office

The Prosecution:

D.A. Jack McCoy - played as needed by moderators
EADA Michael Cutter - played as needed by moderators

ADA Connie Rubirosa (Homicide) ada_rubirosa played by polkadotsnplaid**
ADA Casey Novak (promoted to MCS) adacasey_novak played by specialk711
ADA Brian Peluso (SVU) ada_peluso played by makeitstopjamie
ADA Jeff Bennett (OC) lawyerjeff played by cujo8705

The Bench & The Defense:

Judge Jamie Ross judge_jamieross played as needed (NPC) by polkadotsnplaid**

Defense Attorney Robert Enslow robert_enslow (OC, NPC) played by neojess**

Applications for OCs or canon recurring defense attorneys welcome.

Available ADAs, etc:
ADA Abbie Carmichael
ADA Alex Cabot
ADA Kim Greylek
Any ADAs from Trial By Jury or Conviction who aren't currently being played.

NYPD & Affiliates (non-series specific characters)

IAB Detective David Dresden (OC) det_dresden_iab played by mtwendyr**
Narcotics Detective Brian Cassidy (SVU) detbriancassidy played by polkadotsnplaid**
Officer Taylor McCutcheon (OC) officer_cutch played by specialk711
CSU Detective Millie Vizcorrando nypd_millie_viz played by polkadotsnplaid**
CSU Photographer Claire Fisher (Six Feet Under)csu_claire_fish played by makeitstopjamie

Forensic psychiatrist Dr. Emil Skoda (TOS,SVU,CI) dr_emil_skoda played as-needed by moderators.

lao_npc is a non-player journal used mainly for cases.
the_ny_ledger is based on the Law & Order-verse tabloid of the same name and is used as a news source during cases.

**Names with asterisks by them denote players who are also moderators and can be contacted for more information about the game.

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**Layout by spire.
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