lao_npc (lao_npc) wrote in lawandorder_siu,

Casebreak [for Detectives Hayes and Benson]

Midtown West
Friday, December 3

The apartment building was busy with the sounds of people getting ready for the day - a blowdryer running on the third floor, a microwave whirring on the second, parents rushing their children out the door, a suit shouting on his cell phone as he left the elevator.

The fourth floor was no different - same mundane, everyday noises just like the six other floors. Until the bloodcurdling scream rang out.

It was followed half a minute later by cries of, "Oh, god! Oh, god!" as Jillian Goldberg flung open the door of Apartment 4B.

"Help!" she yelled out, her voice breaking. "Someone call the police!"
Tags: hobson case, homicide, svu
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